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Below is a more complete list of project categories in which we have provided real estate and land development assistance:
Tamara J. Beckel
Florida Real Estate Broker
Florida Notary Public
Paranormal Investigator

Over the past twenty years we have assisted with many real estate professionals, builders, land developers, and civil engineering firms who have provided services from real estate sales and management, initial land due diligence, and site feasibility analyses, through to the design and permitting phases and into the final construction and build-out phases for a wide range of projects. These projects range from residential first homes, vacation homes, and smaller commercial sites, through to the bigger thousand unit residential neighborhoods, and even site design of regional malls and developments of regional impact.
Paranormal Real Estate
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•   Residential (single family)

•   Residential (multi-family)

•   Shopping Centers/Malls

•   Self-Storage Facilities

•   Commercial/Retail

•   Hotel Resort

•   Auto Dealerships

•   Restaurants

•   Airports/FBO’s

•   Development of Regional
•   Municipal Golf Courses

•   Parks and Recreational Facilities

•   Hospital/Medical Facilities

•   Municipal Parking Garages

•   Educational Facilities

•   Governmental Complexes

•   Recreational Facilities

•   Eminent Domain Services

•   Church Facilities

•   Industrial Facilities
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Tami Beckel is also the Founder and Director of Key West Paranormal Society, one of the largest paranormal teams in the state of Florida. For additional information on K.W.P.S. visit us on the web:


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Today we are proud to offer our Paranormal Real Estate Service to you in the following areas of specialization:

Residential Homes and Small Businesses
•   Buying

•   Selling
•   Property Management

•   Leasing