Bradenton and Sarasota Homes For Rent
We currently have the following "Haunted" and "Non-Haunted" homes available for sale. For additional information on these homes feel free to contact us.

Real Estate Places to Spooky Spaces, LLC currently has the followings homes available for rent. Contact our office for additional information about these homes.
Bradenton and Sarasota Homes For Rent
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We can help you rent out your current primary or secondary "Haunted" or "Non-Haunted" house here in the Bradenton and Sarasota area. For those homes located everywhere else, even if your home is in another state, we can help you find the right paranormal property management company who will work for "YOU". As our Consulting Fee is built into the brokerage fee our services are FREE of charge to you, and we can remain on as a paranormal consultant throughout the entire home rental process.  We can also offer these same services for those wishing to find an out-of-state reputable paranormal real estate company.

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